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Mitch calls in to discuss his lifelong pantyhose fetish. When did he first realize he was into pantyhose? What kind of scenarios turn him on and, how does he hide the fact that he's turned on? Has he been open about his fetish or has he kept it a secret? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what happened with him and his babysitter when he was younger and how it possibly shaped what he's into now, how he prefers foot jobs to blow jobs and who he's got them from, what happened with his first wife's best friend behind his wife's back, plus his threesome pantyhose fantasy and a whole lot more.

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Married Mark has a big time wrestling fetish and he’s wondering if wrestling with other women behind his wife’s back is considered cheating. When did he first get into wrestling? Where does he find the girls he wrestles with? What does he do with them and how much does it all cost? Is it cheating if there's no penetration? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he's also into catfighting, humiliation, pantyhose, being treated as a women while being wrestled, and a whole lot more. 



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Married Jay’s secret life involves hardcore BDSM and rape fantasies with some aspects of race play and he sometimes feels really bad about what he’s into.  What exactly does he feel bad about, the cheating or the sexual acts themselves? When did he first get into BDSM and rape fantasies and how does he live it all out now? Is he a dom or a sub and where does he meet the people he “plays” with? Tune on for all the details plus hear all about the secret, worldwide BDSM club he’s a member of and what goes down at their parties, the time he got caught by the cops when he was in the middle of consensually “raping” a guy’s wife, his interracial relationship with his wife and why he can’t live out his fantasies with her, how and why he feels so horrible after some of the stuff that he does, the shit that went down when he was younger with with his babysitter and his alcoholic aunt and a whole lot more.

Kevin is married to a super open, very sexual woman who he swings with but for some reason he hasn't ever told her that he likes to cross dress and hook up with older guys. When did he first start cross dressing and how has he kept it a secret for so long? When did he start hooking up with guys and what does he like to do with them? How can he tell his wife about it and what are the odds that she’ll accept it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how him and his wife started swinging, how they got into gang bangs and where they take place, how and why they started a twitter account feature videos of them having sex, how their family feels about their exhibitionist twitter account and a whole lot more.