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Sex therapist Lacey Broussard calls in to talk all about how women can increase their sex drive, enjoy sex more and have better orgasms. Plus she discusses how she went from being sexually repressed to sexually liberated. How and why was she repressed and how did she liberate herself? How and why did she become a sex therapist? How and why can women remove their blocks and have better sex? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what she enjoys sexually now that she is totally open, how she learned to squirt, tantric sex and a whole lot more.

April calls in the talk all about how much she loves pegging her guy. When and how did she first realize she was into pegging? How does it make her feel? How did she get her guy into it? Does he like to be pegged? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how she caught her guy cheating, how that led to them full on pegging, how she caught him cheating a second time, plus a whole lot more.

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Nate calls in to talk about his major foot fetish as well as his bisexuality. When did he discover he was into feet? What kind of feet turn him on? When did he realize he was bisexual? How far did his "experimenting" go with his male friend when he was younger? How far will he go with a guy in return for some foot action?  Tune in to find out plus hear all about the flirtation between him and his stepsister and how far they took it and how he can go about asking his wife, who already pegs him and knows he's bi, to allow him to hookup with men on the side.

Gangbang Christine (episode 276 & 277) calls in again with an update and reveals her and her husband are splitting up. How and why is her marriage ending? Is she still dating the well hung guy she met at the ganging? Is he the reason her marriage broke up? How is her husband dealing with the end? Tune in for the details plus hear all about the real issues they were dealing with prior to opening up their relationship, how those issues led them to him allowing her to gangbang and whole lot more.

Jane is a bored housewife who wants to start hooking up with other guys on the side and her husband is totally okay with it. But, she hasn't pulled the trigger yet. How and when did she tell her husband she wanted to be with other guys? How does he feel about it? Is it better for her to hook up solo with the other guys or should she hook up with them in front of her husband in a threesome scenario? Tune in to find out plus hear all about why she feels she bored in her marriage, what else is she missing, what she can do about it and a whole lot more.

Jim is into hardcore tease and denial and he calls in to talk all about it. When did he fist discover tease and denial? How did he go about practicing it on himself? What are the benefits he experienced since discovering it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how denying and delaying his orgasms has made sex way more pleasurable, the specific tactics he used at a very early age to deny himself an orgasm, his experience with chastity devices, how it's played into his sex life with his wife and his other lovers, how you can use it to give better blowjobs and to stop yourself from prematurely ejaculating and a whole lot more. 

Fred recently came out as bisexual to his wife and she was totally okay with it, but he still has a secret he's not sharing with her. What exactly is he doing behind her back? Why hasn't he told her? Does he ever plan on telling her? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he came out as bisexual to his wife, why she wasn't surprised that he was attracted to men, how he got her into pegging him and a whole lot more.

**For a link to what's he's secretly been up to, tune in to the end of the podcast.

Daisy (episode #299) calls in again to explain the details of her last dysfunctional relationship but winds up talking more about the major issues she’s having with the guy she’s “dating” now.  What happened when they last saw each other? Why hasn’t she heard from him? Is she totally being ghosted? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what kind of "relationship" they had before he disappeared, why they never had sex and whether he was lying about being monogamous, her lack of passion for relationships in general and how that could have caused him to stray plus a whole lot more about the ending of her last relationship.

**If you want to hook up/date Daisy email her at



Lauren is living a very secret life as a young crossdresser who is is addicted to BBC (big black cock). How long has he been crossdressing? Why and how does he keep his crossdressing life a secret? When did he first start hooking up with guys and where does he meet them? Tune in for the details plus hear all about the first guy he met while crossdressing and how that relationship helped him, his many sugar daddies and how much he has made from them, the cop he recently started hooking up with and the guy who peed inside him, how he's been dating his girlfriend of three years and how he feels about her and a whole lot more.

*If you'd like to contact Lauren, please email

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Even though online sex worker Paisley Brown has an open relationship with her husband, she can’t stop having sex with guys who are off limits. How and when did they open their relationship? When and why did she start cheating on him? Who does she cheat on him with (hint: it’s guys he knows)? And, does she even feel bad about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he cheated on her and how she dealt with it, he status of their sex and married life now, what she can do now to stop cheating on him, how she got into online sex work and how much she makes doing it plus a whole lot more. 


To contact Paisley Brown go to her twitter @paisleybrown11 all her contact info is there. And If you mention the show, she will send you free photos!

007 recently found a girlfriend and they're about to have their first threesome and he calls in to talk all about it. How did he got her into it? How many times has he done it before? What are the rules he has to abide by and how does he feel about them? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how and why he plans on breaking one of the rules, the do's and don'ts of a threesome, tips on how to make a girl squirt and a whole lot more..

Bisexual Kailley is a man who sometimes wants to be a woman and he calls in to talk all about it. When did his desire to be a woman start? When did he have his first bisexual experience with a man as a woman? How does sex as a woman with a man differ from sex as a man with a woman? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the thee relationships he’s had  as a woman, twice with men and once with a woman and the relationship issues he’s having with his current wife who knows nothing about his female alter ego. Details include the foreplay he’s enjoyed with men, the cuckolding scenarios he’s experienced with his ex wife, the threesome they had with their doorman and a whole lot more. 

Wendy has taken part in gang bangs, solo hook-ups with other guys, swapping scenarios  and more in front of her bisexual husband Chris (episode #304) and she calls in to talk all about it.  How long were they married before they opened up their relationship? What kind of guys is she into and what doesn’t she like to do with them? How many typically show up to the gang-bangs and who sets them all up? How did she feel when she found out her husband Chris was bisexual? Tune in to find out, plus hear all about her kinky past which includes how and when she started swinging, how she worked as a church secretary and accidentally found out there were other swingers in the congregation, the swinging she did with her ex-husband, the full swap she had with with her bisexual husband and what exactly went down between all of them and a whole lot more.


Bisexual Chris lives out his cuckold fantasies with his wife and he calls in to talk all about it. When and how did he discover he was bisexual and when did he "come out" to his wife? How did he meet his like minded wife and was their relationship open from the get go? What kinds of cuckold fantasies do they live out and how do they go about setting them up? Tune in for all the details about the unfortunate incident that led to him figuring out he was bisexual, his early sexual experiences with guys, the gang-bangs and one time hook-ups he has orchestrated for his wife, what he likes to watch his wife to do, what she's into sexually and a whole lot more.

Bonus: Tune in to next weeks episode which will feature his wife Wendy who will be talking all about their relationship and her naughty past as well.

Kandi really wants companionship in her life but she can't seem to find a guy who accepts her kinky bdsm ways and wants to date her. How kinky is she and what is she into that most men find hard to accept? Is she dealing with the madonna-whore complex or are there other issues blocking her from finding a boyfriend? And if so, what are they and how can she overcome them? Tune in to find out plus hear all about her messed up childhood which includes stories about her manipulative father and how he sexually abused her and many other family members, her mother who knew about the incest but did nothing about it, religion and how it played a part in the denial of her fathers pervasive pedophilia, how BDSM has helped her take back control of her sexuality and a whole lot more.

Amber and her wife started out in an open relationship but when she recently hooked up with a guy, it didn't go over so well. Where did she meet the guy? What exactly went down between them? How did her wife react and how did she feel about the hook up? Is she still seeing him and if so, does her wife know about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about Amber's crazy past which include she overcame both a heroin and alcohol addiction, how she use to hook up with guys and how she eventually realized she was homoromatic (she explains what that means) and started hooking up with women, how she came out of the closet and how her parents took the news, and a whole lot more.

Tommy calls in to discuss his pantyhose fetish and share all his hot pantyhose stories. When did he realize he was into pantyhose? How far has he taken his pantyhose fetish? Has it been easy for him to find a partner who accepts his fetish? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his hot experiences when he was very young with his teacher and how it shaped his interest in hose, what went down on the porch with his much older neighbor, what he use to do with his best friends mom's panties while no one was around and what went down when he massaged his friend's moms legs and a whole lot more.

Daisy calls in to discuss her ex boyfriend and how she’s still haunted by his abusive ways.  When did the abuse start and how far did it go? Why did she date him for so long? How did the relationship end and who is she dating now? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the couple of times she cheated on him, why she actually told him she cheated on him and how he reacted, her hook ups with other women and how she’s recently discovered she’s bisexual as well her past relationships and cand her pattern of picking guys who are distant in one way or another and a whole lot more. 

Mitch and his wife have tried to live out his cuckold fantasy in real life but it has yet to happen. What's stopping him? What's stopping her? What have they tried so far? And, will it ever happen? Tune in for all the details which include the threesomes they've tried to have, the threesome they actually had, their exhibitionist and glory hole experiences, his wife's response when they role play now, his bisexual fantasy and how it could be cock-blocking his cuckold fantasy and a whole lot more.




Susan has done it all sexually and she calls in to talk all about it. Tune in to hear all about her  threesomes, her fivesomes, her gang bangs with a double penetration, as well as a whole lot more. Need I say more? You don't want to miss episode.

Lee calls in to talk about his secret life as a bisexual crossdresser and how it's effected his marriage. How long has he been bisexual and how far has he gone with men? When did he realize he was into crossdressing and has he ever crossdressed in front of anyone? How much of his secret life does his wife know about and how did she react when she found out? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the time his wife busted him and how they got past it, how he was raped numerous times when he was younger and how it effected him, the toxic relationships his was in before he met his wife and a whole lot more. 

Bonus: if you want to reach out to him after listening to his episode, you can email him at

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Don calls in to talk all about being a voyeur and to discuss his nylon fetish and how they both played out in his relationships. How early on did he realize he was a voyeur? What kind of things did he "watch" to turn himself on? When did he realize he had a nylon fetish and how far did he take it? Tune in for all the details which include stories about him and his first girlfriend who played into his "reverse undressing fantasy, the story behind the whole undressing fantasy, his wife, the exhibitionist and the pics they posted on XHamster and a whole lot more.


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Marty shows up to talk all about the kinky sex he’s having with a married woman he's known for only a couple of months. How did he meet her? How did they start hooking up? What exactly do they do together? Does her husband know? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his interest in light bondage and how he got her into it as well, the hang ups he has with s-e-x and what may be behind it, his fascination with Asian porn and a whole lot more. Plus, he reveals he is open to possibly exploring with guys and is looking for listeners to help him explore his bisexual fantasies. If you're interested, you can email him at 

Steve calls in to talk about how he’s the stag in a hot wife couple. What is a stag? What does his hot wife do with other guys? And how involved is he in all the action? Tune in for all the details which include stories about their first vacation and how they managed to hook up with three different guys, how they met them and what his wife did with them, the swingers club they frequent and what do while there, what he's totally into and what he's not into and a whole lot more. Plus he talks all about how he quit drinking years ago, and how quitting has changed his life. 

Ryan calls in to talk about his pantyhose fetish. He explains when he got into them, why he likes them, where he gets them, what does he does with them and a whole lot more. Tune in to hear all the details plus hear all about all the interesting ways he satisfies himself sexually behind his wife's back.

Tommy calls in to talk about how he likes to expose himself to much older guys. Tune in to hear all about how he went from exposing himself online to exposing himself in person, what does he like to do with the older guys, what he doesn't like to do, why he prefers much older guys to younger guys, how he feels about keeping this part of his life a secret and a whole lot more.  PLUS as an added bonus he gives out his email address in case a much older guy listening is interested in meeting up with him online. Make sure to listen to the end for his info if you're interested.



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Lisa calls in to talk about her recent surprise pregnancy and how she feels about it. How did she find out she was pregnant? Who is the baby daddy? How do they both feel about having a baby together? And, how did her family and friends take the news? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how many guys she was having sex with when she got pregnant and how she figured out which one was the father, how she's worried about how she will deal with being a mom and a whole lot more.

Sergio calls in to explain exactly how he increased both the length and width of his dick (without surgery) in just a few months. How small was it before? How big did it get? What exactly did he do? How long did it take? How much did it cost? Tune in to find out plus hear all about jelqing and how it can make your dick bigger, the specific equipment you'll need to buy to make your dick bigger plus a whole lot more.







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Slacker calls in to talk about how he's in a sexless marriage, how that's been making him feel and what he plans to do about it.  Tune in to hear him explain why the sex in his marriage went out the window,   how their lack has intimacy has effected the both of them, whether he's ever cheated on her and a whole lot more including the solution he agreed to to help save his marriage.

Betty Boop calls in because she's looking to set herself up with a sugar daddy who would pay her monthly bills in exchange for blowjobs, threesomes, companionships and more. The problem is she doesn't know where to go to find a guy who would be into it in the first place. Where can she go to meet a guy interested in this type of arrangement? What does she want to do with him once she meets him? How far is she willing to go with him sexually in exchange for cash? Is she a "whore" if she actually goes through with it? Tune in to find out as well as hear all about her friends ongoing sugar daddy situation with her boss and a whole lot more.



CJ has been married for almost 20 years and was always monogamous but he's recently starting to cheat on his wife. Why did he suddenly start to cheat on his wife? What kind of intimacy issues were they having? Who has he cheated on her with and where did he go to meet them? Tune in the find out and hear all about what he tried to do to fix his marriage before he started cheating, how he felt after he cheated, how he's now interested in cuckolding and how he's going about meeting up with couples and a whole lot more. 

Bridgette calls in to talk all about how after struggling in an abusive, sexless relationship for many years she’s finally single and fulfilling all of her sexual fantasies.  Why did she stay in an abusive and sexless relationship for so long? How did she finally get herself out of it? How soon after did she start living out her sexual fantasies? Tune in to find out plus hear all about her threesomes that have gone awry, the BDSM stuff she has gotten into including knife play and fire play, how she got herself to squirt for the first time, how living out her fantasies has helped her feel better about herself and her body and and a whole lot more.

James and his wife Lynn use to be friends but now they're married and they're swingers and have a very open relationship.  How did they first get started in the swinger lifestyle? What was their first experience like? What kind of other experiences have they had since they've been swinging?  Tune in to find out plus hear all about the rules they had when they started in the lifestyle as opposed to the rules they have now, how they met their two unicorns they play with, how James feels about getting unsolicited blowjobs from guys during threesomes, how his wife feels about fooling around with women and a whole lot more.

Brad and Janet used to be best friends and now they're married and they've been swinging successfully for the past five years. How did their relationship change? How and when did they first start swinging? Where do they go to swing and how do they meet other couples to swing with? Tune on to find out plus hear all about Brad's bisexuality and how and why he kept it a secret from Janet, how Janet felt about it once she found out, how male bisexuality is looked upon in "the lifestyle," how far they have taken their swinging, what they feel is the keys to successful swinging and a whole lot more. 

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Charles cheated on his wife with a much younger (engaged) woman and he says the affair actually helped his marriage. How did he meet the much younger woman he had the affair with? What happened between them and how long did it last? Did his wife ever find out and how exactly did the affair make his marriage stronger? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the problems he was having that led him to look elsewhere, the problems the young woman was with her fiancé, how he feels about the affair now that it is in the past and a whole lot more.

Don (episode #216) calls in to give an update of what’s been happening since the last time he called in. Is he still sleeping with escorts? Did he ever bang his therapist? Have him and his wife started swinging? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.

Dave has a cuckold fantasy but his wife isn’t interested and he also hooks up with guys behind her back. When did he first get interested in cuckolding? When was his first cuckold experience and what went down? How did his wife respond the first time he told her about his fantasy and why isn't she down to participate? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his secret hook-ups with guys, his long term relationship with a woman who was super into cuckolding and his bisexuality, what he can do to get his partner now be open to cuckolding and a whole lot more.


Marlon started cheating on his wife with escorts after he caught her cheating. How did he find out his wife was cheating? How did he go about finding escorts when he started to cheat? How much does he typically pay? What kind of fantasys does he live out with them? How does it do it all safely and on the down low? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what was going on in his marriage that most likely caused his wife to cheat, how he found out she was cheating, what they did to stay together, how they're doing now plus a whole lot more.

Bob calls in to talk all about his fetish for pregnant escorts as well as how his highly functioning autism diagnosis played a big part in his sex life. How old was he when he first had sex and who did he lose his virginity to? When did his pregnant fetish start to show up how did he find girls who were pregnant and wanted to bang? How did his autism effect his relationships with women both in and out of the bedroom? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the multiple pregnant threesomes he had, the “trophies” he has been able to bring home, the pregnant stripper he banged and a whole lot more.

Christine (episode 279) recently had a gangbang with 5 black guys and there was one who she really connected with. What happened between them after the gangbang? Is her husband still ok with what's going down? Has she been in another gangbang? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.



Christine is a typical married housewife who recently got a pass from her husband to get totally gang banged by a bunch of black guys. How did she set up the gang bang? What exactly went down at the gang bang? And, what happened after? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how she got her husband to agree to the "pass" in the first place and a whole lot more.

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Peter is a hardcore exhitionist who has been living a very secret life for over 30 years. When and how did he first realize he was an exhibitionist? What were his first exhibitionist experiences like? What kind of experiences followed? Tune in for all the details which include stories about his experiences at nude beaches, as a nude model, at nude parties and orgies and a whole lot of other nudie scenarios all masterminded by two doms in his life. Who are they and what are they all about? You'll find that out too.



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Jeff (episode #273) calls in again to discuss how he turned his pantyhose fetish into a successful social media platform by posting pics of his wife in pantyhose.  Where did he start posting his pics at first and where does he post them now? What kind of pics does he post and how did he get so many “likes”? How did he eventually monetize the success of his online while remaining totally anonymous? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his own pantyhose fetish, how it played into his success, how they once got caught by people they know and how that played out and a whole lot more.

**Also, are you interested in winning a free pair of his wife’s pantyhose? All you have to do is find his pantyhose account online. Details in the intro, clues throughout the episode**

Jeff and his wife were Jehovah Witnesses and now they’re swingers and have a successful open marriage. How did they go from one hardcore extreme to another? How did they get involved in swinging in the first place? What is the key to a successful open relationship? Tune in to find out and hear all about their early days as a normal married couple, the swinger parties they eventually attended, who they wound up sleeping with once they opened up their marriage and a whole lot more.


Amy calls in to talk about how he loves give blowjobs but winds up talking about so much more. Including her hook ups with girls, her threesomes and foursomes with her booty call, how he got her totally into giving great bjs, how she eventually met her husband and how and why they settled down and a whole lot more. When did she first start hooking up with girls? Who was involved in her threesomes and foursomes? How did her booty call get her into giving head? Tune in to find out.

If you read or saw the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and you were curious about the secret world of bondage then this is the episode for you. Bondage guy calls in to discuss the ins and out of the bsdm lifestyle and explains how he got into the lifestyle, how you can get into it, the complex relationship between the master and submissive plus a detailed account of his most recent experience at a bdsm gathering which includes a guy, his wife and a bunch of other guys. Tune in for all the details and a whole lot more.



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Comedian Robert Kelly calls in to discuss women cheating, cheating sex, happy endings, swinging, marriage, kids and the issues that come up in a marriage after the kid is born. He comes clean about the problems he's had with his wife and how he's dealt with them as well as talks about why women cheat, how to keep women from cheating, swinger sex, the ins and outs of happy endings plus a whole lot more.

You can hear comedian Robert Kelly on his own podcast YKWD. Check his website to find out where you catch him doing his comedy live.



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Chuck calls in to discuss his pantyhose fetish and he winds up revealing he has a penile implant, he was molested by his babysitter at age 12, his wife was an exhibitionist but now she's not into sex anymore and a whole lot more. What does he like to do while wearing pantyhose? When did he get his penile implant and how does it work? How old was his babysitter and what exactly did she do to him while she was babysitting? Where did him and his wife fulfill their exhibitionist fantasies? Tune in for all the details which include stories about the two of them in adult bookstores, drive throughs, parking lots and a whole lot more.


Dr, Guy and his girlfriend Lana call in to discuss their highly sexual, unconventional relationship. They're into threesomes, sex parties, swingers clubs, orgies and a whole lot more and they call in to discuss it all. How do they make this kind of relationship work for them? Do they ever get jealous watching their partner with someone else? What are the rules they have for each other? How has this lifestyle actually brought them closer as a couple? Tune in to find out plus hear the back story on Lana, including how old she was when she first realized she was so open minded about sex, when she started acting out her desires, some of the crazy stuff she's into, how previous guys reacted to her highly sexualized nature and a whole lot more.

Chase (episode 251) calls in with an update about what has gone down since he started having theeesomes with his gf and another guy. Is he still dating his gf? Is he still hooking up with that other guy? Is he still having threesomes and if so, who is he having them with? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how Gym Douche (episode 199) gets hot girls to date him, how he treats them when he’s dating them, what he did to one of his hot girls on NY eve, how she got revenge and a whole lot more.

Twenty three year old Honey Lexx calls in to discuss the details of her relationship with her sixty three year old boyfriend who totally supports her. How did she meet him and get involved with him in the first place? How much $ has he given her since she's been dating him? Is this a typical sugar daddy relationship or is it more? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the one weird issue in their sex life, the orgy she had behind his back and the dilemma she's now having about moving forward.