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Anthony Cumia super-fan Vincent is overweight, addicted to porn, has no job, lives at home with Mom, and he hasn't gotten laid in almost two years. He's on disability and claims he's can't work but it seems like maybe he's just stuck in a really bad rut.  Is he a loser or is he just lazy? How did he wind up like this at only 31?  Tune in to hear the whole story plus a whole lot more.

Jim's unfair custody battle with his baby Mama has left him pretty depressed and he calls in looking for support. He experienced a pretty tough childhood, has a history of depression and has one attempted suicide under his belt.  Why did he try to commit suicide? How did he recover from that attempt? What's going on with his ongoing custody battle? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.

Marc is totally straight but he loves getting screwed in the ass by a woman while he screws another woman. He has experienced being the "meat in the sandwich" in this kind of threesome before and he calls in and explains how it all went down, exactly what happened and why he, as a straight guy, enjoys anal action.  Tune on for all the details.

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Dr. Guy is almost 50 and he parties everynight and is invloved in a racket which gives him access to endless young, "models." Is he having the time of his life chasing young tail or is he in the midst of a total mid life crisis. Take a listen and you decide for yourself.

Strike Out Mike has been striking out on AFF for years but he calls in to discuss about what he actually gets out of the site and why he keeps using it. He also talks about his past relationship, his Tinder hook ups, dirty sex within relationships, jizzing on girls faces, his experiences at multilpe swingers clubs, condom usage and more. Tune in for the details.