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Ray K calls in again and shares his most recent experiences with some really hot, high end escorts. He also explains why he started using them, where he goes to find them and how much he actually pays for them. Tune in for the new stories as well as all the back story.

Gary is married but he has a profile on an adult website that he uses strictly for virtual sex. He never meets up with women in person but lately he's been wondering if his online "interest" is turning into an addiction. Where does he go online to meet these women? What does he do with them when he's online? Is he actually addicted to getting women off via webcam?  Tune in to find out.

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Cirque is very experienced and calls in and shares one interesting sex story after another. From cuckolding his best friend, to buying panties from married women on Craigslist, to sex with fat girls, crippled chicks, guys and more, he tells all.  Tune in to be totally entertained.




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RM has been involved in "the Lifestyle" for as long as he can remember and he has had a ton of experiences in both Europe and America. He calls in to talk about his sexual experiences as well as discuss the differences him and his wife encountered while swinging in both countries. How did he get into the Lifestyle. Does he find Europeans more sexually open than Americans? Does he still swing now? Tune in to find out . 

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"Melissa" from Brazil (episode 63) is still addicted to the same guy and she calls in looking for some more advice. Is she still sleeping with him? Has he opened up to her? Are they in a real relationship yet? Tune in to find out.