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Sixty year old Walker has been married for 30 years but that has noever stopped him from having sex with other people.  Walker has hooked up with women and trannies as well as has had virtual sex with other men on to satiate the exhibitionist and voyuer inside of him.  He explains how he does it, why he does and what he gets out of it. Tune in for all the juicy details.

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Paul is a 41 year old married guy who's addicted to prostitutes and his addiction is taking over his life. He can't concentrate while at work because he spends all of his time online looking for hookers, he rarely has sex wiht his wife and he's worried that his addiction is getting in the way of having a real connection wiht his children.  Will he be able to stop his addiction before it gets the best of him? Tune in to find out.

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Bob lost his virginity to his 30 year old neighbor when he was very young and he's been getting it on with both men and women ever since.  He's done it all...He use to cheat on his ex-wife with men in massage parlors as well as with her female friends, he's had threesomes with other guys with a woman he dated for a couple of years and he's had affairs with random men he's met online behind his current girlfriends back. How has he kept his secret life hidden from all these women  Has he ever got caught? Where does he find the guys he fools around with? Tune in to find out.

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Tom uses to find most of the women he hooks-up with. He travels a lot for work so he uses the site to find women and couples to have sex with while he's visiting other cities. He's been on for a couple of years and has had a bunch of really great experiences. Tune in to hear all about those experiences as well as all about his 3 year relationship with an older women who turned him on to the swinger lifestye.