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Craigslist Phil calls in to talk about his most recent trip to NYC. He talks about his first experience at a NYC swingers club as well the sexual experiences he had in his hotel room with two couples that he met on Craigslist.  Tune in to hear about the blowjob he got at the swing club, the toys he used with the biracial couple he hooked up with, the details of what happened when the second guy left the room and he was left alone with his girlfriend as well as the dynamics of his marraige and why he cheat on his wife.




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Ken has been married for 25 years and throughout his marraige he has had multiple online "relationships" but has never really cheated in real life. How has he managed to keep his cheating virtual? Where does he find the women to webcam with and what do they send each other via email? Has his wife ever caught him? Tune in to hear the answers plus hear Kathy and Ken talk about addiction, cheating, marraige, how to write a book and a whole lot more. 


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Sebastian is a really talented artist who refuses to "sell out". He sits down with Kathy and they discuss everything from why he refuses to "sell out" even though he's majorly talented, adoption, the lessons they've both learned from failure, Kathy's baby journey and a whole lot more. Tune in to hear the details.

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John and his wife Stephanie have been bringing home guys for her to sleep with for the past year but a lot has gone down in the past couple of months.  John calls in and explains who she's been sleeping with, who she's not sleeping with, what's gone down since the last time he's called in and everything in between. Is she still banging other guys? Tune in to find out.

Melissa from Brazil is having major issues with the guy she likes and she calls in looking for advice.  Her guy is unfortunately a total commitment phobe and he's been acting weird from the get go.  She's continued to sleep with him on and off for a couple of months hoping he will change but, he's still not interested in having a relationship.  It's a typical case of a girl who likes a guy, who is totally unavailable.  Tune in to hear advice on how to deal wiht this common situation and a lot more about dating guys in general.