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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Billy from the Manwhore podcast calls in again to share some more stories about his exes and winds up debating over a lot with Kathy. What do they argue/debate about? Who's right? Who's wrong? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his steamy relationship with his older, physical therapist, the time he kind raped by a one night stand, why hasn't he said I love you to his girlfriend yet and a whole lot more.

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Ex Co-host Tommy's wife cheated on him in the worst way possible and he finally calls in with all the details.  Why did she cheat? How did she cheat? Who did she cheat with? How did he find out? Tune in to find out, plus hear a whole lot more.


Violet can only orgasm while watching women fart and it's become a huge problem for her considering she's straight. When did she get into fart videos? How did she get into them? Why is she into them? How can she stop being into them? Tune in find out plus hear all about her overly active sex drive and where she pleasures herself, her promiscuous past, her battle with alcohol and a whole lot more.




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JR is almost 60, almost divorced and he calls in to discuss what he's been doing behind his wife's back since their relationship went south. What went wrong in his marriage and why? Tune in to hear all about the first time he cheated on her with an escort, the time he screwed a much younger co-worker in his office, his online flings with women he meets in, to his dd/lg relationships and a whole lot more.



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Georgia Peach became an escort shortly after she moved from her hometown and she hasn't looked back. How did she become and escort? Why did she become an escort? Has she been enjoying herself? Tune in to find out plus hear all about her most recent polyamorous relationship, her search for a permanent sugar daddy, her new daddy/daughter fetish and a whole lot more.

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Tom calls in because his current girlfriend has given him a free pass to go have anal sex with someone else and he's looking for advice on how he can get a woman to become interested in anal sex. What is the quickest way to find a three input woman? What can you to to get a woman who is not into anal, totally into it? Are there any specific moves that could work? Tune in to hear Kathy and former guest, size queen Sara (episode 102) give him all the advice he needs to score some anal, plus get some more details about Sara's previous hook up with well hung Will (episode  099) and a whole lot more.

Sergio calls in to explain exactly how he increased both the length and width of his dick i(without surgery) in just a few months. How small was it before? How big did it get? What exactly did he do? How long did it take? How much did it cost? Tune in for to find out plus hear all about jelqing and exactly how it, along with other equipment, can make your dick bigger.

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Billy Procida, host of the Manwhore Podcast calls in to discuss what he discusses on his podcast. Which happens to be all about his past hook - ups and what he's into sexually. From orgies, to craigslist hook ups, to bukkake parties, to a gig getting paid to get guys off on webcams, Billy has done it all and he's extremely open about it.  Tune in for all the details plus a whole lot more.

Tommy Lee calls in and explains that he's involved in a DD/lg (Daddy Dom, little girl) relationship with his current girlfriend. What does that exactly mean? How does that play out in their relationship? Is it just a sexual thing or something more? Tune in to find out, plus hear all about the recent fight they had because he texted another girl, how that got resolved and a whole lot more about how guys and girls are different when it comes to relationships.

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Twenty three year old Honey Lexx calls in to discuss the details of her relationship with her sixty three year old boyfriend who totally supports her. How did she meet him and get involved with him in the first place? How much has she actually got from him since she's been dating him? Is this a typical sugar daddy relationship or is it more? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the one weird issue in their sex life, the orgy she had behind his back and the dilemma she's now having about moving forward.

Camille is in an open marriage with her husband and has a boyfriend and a new female sex buddy on the side. What went down to turn her traditional marriage into an open one? Tune in to hear the whole long, interesting story plus hear all about how she meet her boyfriend, what their relationship is all about, how a threesome led to her meeting her new female lover and a whole lot more. You don't want t miss all the interesting details. 

Exhibitionist Sam calls in again and goes a lot deeper about being bigender. He gives his take on what it's like being a man vs. being a woman as well as reveals much more about his childhood, his love life and his bigender, bisexual sex life.Tune in for all the juicy details, plus a whole lot more.

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Alicia calls in looking for advice because she recently started drinking more and more, even at work and she is wondering if maybe she has a problem. Should she stop drinking totally? Can she just cut back and drink moderately? Is she an alcoholic? Does she have to go to AA? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how and why she cheated on her boyfriend with an older, married guy as well as a whole lot more. 

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Guys, Do you know a girl who you're dying to bang but she's totally not interested? Do you want to know how to get her to change her mind and have a successful, long term booty call with you? Then take listen. On this podcast guys will learn exactly that as well as a whole lot more and women will learn about the key ingredient that needs to be present to have a dram free, successful friends with benefits situation. Tune in for all the details.

Sam identifies as being bigender and he calls in to discuss all the details. What does bigender mean? How long has he known he is bigender? Are both sides gay or straight or bi? Who does he have romantic relationships with? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his frequent visits to the adult theater in his town, his exhibitionist side, his first glory hole experience and a whole lot more about his other fetishes.

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Chance calls in because he recently realized he's totally in love with his best friend but he thinks she's way out of his league. What can he do to make himself more attractive to her? Is there a chance she already feels the same way about him? Should two friends cross the friendship line and start dating? Tune in to find out plus hear all about they're super close friendship and what they've already done with each other that might suggest there is already something more there. 

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Susan has done it all sexually and she calls in to explain. Tune in to hear all about her  threesomes, her fivesomes, her gang bangs with a double penetration, as well as a whole lot more. You don't want to miss episode.

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Adam has been married for a very long time and he's been cheating for a very long time. He has had numerous long term "monogamous" affairs with other women while remaining committed to his wife and family. How does he cheat, why does he cheat, and how has he not been caught? Tune in to find out plus hear all the details about his numerous, long term affairs as well as his stint hooking up with high end escorts.

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Peter is very into pantyhose and he takes his fetish to the extreme. He likes wearing them, stealing them, jerking off in them, then returning them as well as encasing himself in them while jerking off, out in public and a whole lot more. Tune in to hear all the details plus hear a whole lot more about his pantyhose addiction.

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Susan has major trust issues with guys and it's affecting her current relationship and making her crazy. What's gone down in her past to make her so distrustful? Is there something she can do to make her more trustful someday? Tune in to find out plus hear all about her open relationships with men and how it affected their relationships plus a whole lot more.

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Christine (episode 128) recently had a gangbang with 5 black guys and there was one who she really connected with. What happened between them after the ganging? Is her husband still ok with what's going down? Has she been in another ganging? Tune in ti find out plus hear a whole lot more.

Craigslist Phil (episode 121) calls in again to discuss where he is at in regards to cheating on his wife. When he first called in he believed as long as he wasn't having actual sex with the women he was hooking up with, he wasn't actually cheating on his wife but things have changed. He recently started having sex with escorts and he's done it a couple of times.  Where does he find the escorts? What does he exactly do with them? Is he going to continue seeing escorts? Why does he cheat on his wife in the first place. Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.

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Previous guest Trey (episode 131) calls in the give all the juicy details about his most recent "blowjob challenge." Who exactly showed up? Were they old, young, married, straight, gay, all of the above? How long did he last? How many blowjobs did he get to squeeze in? Tune in to find out, plus hear all about his upcoming 48 hour blowjob party and a whole lot more. 

Michael the Mormon calls in because he's not sure if he should take his current relationship to the next level. He's been dating his girlfriend for awhile and though things between them are really great, his screwed up beliefs about sex and women have him totally confused. What was it like growing up as a Mormon? What beliefs did they instill in him about sex and women? How did those beliefs screw with his relationships? Tune in to find out plus hear how he got away from the religion, why he's on Craigslist looking for other women to bang and a whole lot more. 


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Don Juan is in a relationship now but he used to be the biggest player. He calls in and discusses why he became a player, how he became a player and why he eventually stopped playing. Tune in to hear what to do to pick up lots of chicks as well as what not to do and a whole lot more.

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Just when you thought being beat up by your partner was solely a women's problem, Smith calls in and is gives the details about his experiences with physically abusive women. Why is he attracted to these women? How do they physically abuse him? Why he stays with them?  Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more. 



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Tom calls in to confess that he can see his new neighbor sleeping naked when he walks his dog every morning and he stops to check him out. He recently started snapping pics of the naked guy and he was wondering if it would be wrong to start posting those pics online. Should he be even peeping in on him in the first place?  Is it wrong of him to take pics of the guy? And even more wrong if he posts them online? What would you do? Tune on to hear what he thinks as well as the people on Craigslist who have chimed in with their two cents. 

Trey is a submissive guy who hosts events where he blows as many guys he can within a certain amount of time. He's already held a 12 hour "blowjob challenge" and now he's hosting a 24 hour "blowjob challenge" and he calls in with all the details.  What exactly goes down at these "events? What are the rules and regulations? How many guys did he blow at his first event? How many guys does he plan on blowing at the second event? Tune in to find out plus hear a little of the backstory on Treys submissive love of giving guys bjs.


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Previous guest Jessica (episode 90) is a transgender female who recently started to prostitute herself out to guys, behind her wife's back. She explains why she became a prostitute, what she does as a prostitute, how much she charges as a prostitute, plus a whole lot more about her secret transgender life. Tune in for all the details.

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Ryan calls in to talk about his pantyhose fetish. He explains when he got into them, why he likes them, where he gets them, what does he does with them and a whole lot more. Tune in to hear all the details plus hear all about all the interesting ways he satisfies himself sexually behind his wife's back.


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Christine is a typical married housewife who recently got a pass from her husband to get totally gang banged by a bunch of black guys. Tune in to find out how she went about setting up the gang bang, what exactly went down at the gang bang as well as  what happened after the gang bang. Tune in to find out plus hear how she got her husband to agree to the "pass" in the first place.

When Kyle and his wife's sex life went stale, they decided to give each other a pass to have sex with someone else and Kyle calls in to explain how it all went down.  How did they agree on the "pass" in the first place? What kind of rules did they have going in? Did it wind up helping their sex life? Or did it wind up hurting it?  Tune on to find out plus hear a whole lot more.  

Henry cheats on his wife with women he meets in craigslist and he calls in to explain why. Is cheating always wrong? Is there ever a time when cheating is justified? What would you do if you were in Henry's position? Take a listen to this podcast and decide for yourself.

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Ex co-host Tommy recently got divorced and unfortunately he totally lost his game. He calls in to discuss how the divorce took a toll on his self esteem, what he's been doing since to make him feel better about himself, why he thinks he can't get chicks anymore and a whole lot more. Tune in to find out why and how divorce can totally ruin a guy's self esteem plus hear tips on how he can eventually get it back.

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Pocahontas calls in because she thinks that white guys won't date her because she's a light skinned, black woman. Is it true that white guys don't want to date black women? What type of guy has she dated in the past? Does she maybe have other issues that are keeping guys away? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.

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Eric the Dom calls in again to talk all about he sexual past but that never really happens. Instead, he discusses his past with women as well as with his family, why he's not into the whole BDSM lifestyle, why he's into submissive women and how he gets them to fall for him plus a whole lot more. 

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Eric is a former musician who posts ads online looking for submissive women. Tune in to hear about his fascination with young, submissive women plus hear about his hot losing his virginity story, his sexual affair with the older woman who turned him into a dom, his many cuckolding experiences, and a whole lot more.



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Rob and Rou have been dating each other for a couple of years and they are now looking to turn their monogamous relationship into a polyamorous relationship.  What is a polyamorous relationship? What made them decide to switch things up? Have they dabbled in polyamory in the past? Do they want the third person to be a man or a women? Tune on to find out as well as hear all about their threesomes and foursomes and  five-somes and a whole lot more.

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Comedian Irene Bremis joins the show to openly discuss the shit most women hate to discuss. Tune in to hear her take on the good, the bad and the ugly side of aging as well as the truth about botox, peri-f***ing menopause, married life and a whole lot more.



Diamond has been dating a sex addict who has been cheating on her through their whole relationship and she calls in for some advice.  How did she find out he was cheating?  Who was he cheating on her with? What's the status of their relationship now?  Tune in to find out as well as hear about her cheating past and a whole lot more.

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Melissa from Brazil calls in again to give an update on her current relationship as well as give details of the threesome she recently had with her boyfriend and her Brazilian girlfriend.  Was the threesome good? How did it all go down? Are they still dating? Tune in to find out as well as hear all about Melissa's bisexual past.

Tuna is back on and he still is having problems picking up girls.  Though he wants to date, he doesn't know how to go about meeting women. Should he go online to meet chicks? What is the best free dating site? What should he write in his profile in order to get girl's attention? Tune in to fond out plus learn a whole lot more.

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Izzy has been sexually fantasizing about his female family members since he's been a teenager and he calls in looking for advice because he wants to stop. What happened to him to when he was younger to create his incestuous thoughts? Has he ever acted out inappropriately because of his thoughts? What can he do to control his thoughts? Tune in  to find out plus hear whole lot more on the taboo subject of incest.

First caller Dave got cheated on by his wife a month ago and doesn't know what he's going to do. How did he find out? Who was she cheating on him with? Should he leave her? Tune in to find out plus hear a short call from a guy named Dracul who is very into Blumpkins. Don't know what a blumpkin is? He explains plus gives details about his first sexual experience and more.

Bisexual Lance calls back in to discuss his early interest in anal, his early fascination with being humiliated, his desire to find a female dominatrix to date and a whole lot more.  When did he discover he liked anal play? Why does he think he likes to be humiliated sexually? Has he ever been with a dominatrix? Tune in to find out as well as hear a whole lot about his relationship status and commitment issues in general.

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Craven wants his wife to screw him in the ass but she's totally not into and he calls in wondering if there's anything he can do to change her mind. Besides getting screwed in the ass, Craven is also into wearing panties, visiting dominatrixes, fisting and he recently started to fantasize about being with guys. Tune in to hear about his most recent visit to a dominatrix, how and when he got so into anal, his happy ending experiences and a whole lot more.

Adam was dating a narcissist who recently dumped him and he's super depressed.  He calls in looking for someone to listen to him as well as get a better perspective of what actually went down with her. Was his girlfriend a true narcissist? What did she do that was so bad? How did she dumb him the second time? Is he going  to go back to her? Is she even a narcissist? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.






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From a very young age Lance not only knew he was into guys, he knew he was heavily into being dominated sexually by women. He's totally into guys, anything and everything anal, spanking, cuckolding, peeing and more and now that he's ready to settle down, he's looking for a female who is into the same. How did he figure out he was into all the stuff he was into at such a young age? How has his sexual preferences gotten in the way of him successfully dating? Will he ever find the perfect girl who is into the same stuff he is? Tune in to find out, plus hear a whole lot more

Dr. Guy is still a womanizer and calls in to discuss his most recent womanizing ways which include late night, after hour parties at his house where everyone gets naked and then they totally get it on. He gives all the juicy details as well as explains why he thinks having coke is the best way to get girls to bang you.  Tune in to hear his reason as to whyit's great as well as hear why he's totally wrong.

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Even though Cirque and his girlfriends first swinger experience went horribly wrong, they tried it again and he Cirque calls in with all the details. What exactly went down this time around? Did it wind up being better than their first experience? Will they swing yet again? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more about sex and relationships .

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Brent is openly gay and he recently put an ad on craigslist looking for advice on how to have really dirty sex with black guys. he's interested in double penetration with two black guys, swing clubs, orgies and more. He explains how he came out of the closet and how everyone took the news, why he's so into black guys, when he had his first gay experience, the differences between tops and bottoms and a whole lot more.  Tune on for all the details.

Sara (episode 102) calls in and answers questions from listeners about her first experience with Well Hung Will (episode 99) as well as goes an update on what's gone on between them since.  She discusses her orgasms, her big clit, how she squirts, her take on booty calls, Well Hung Will and a whole lot more.

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If you read or saw the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and you were curious about the secret world of bondage then this is the episode for you. Bondage guy calls in to discuss the ins and out of the bsdm lifestyle and explains how he got into the lifestyle, how you can get into it, the complex relationship between the master and submissive plus a detailed account of his most recent experience at a bdsm gathering which includes a guy, his wife and a bunch of other guys. Tune in to hear all the details.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_104-Bondage_Guy_on_the_Inside_World_of_BSDM.mp3
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Comedian Robert Kelly calls in to discuss women cheating, cheating sex, happy endings, swinging, marriage, kids and the issues that come up in a marriage after the kid is born. He comes clean about the problems he's had with his wife and how he's dealt with them as well as talks about why women cheat, how to keep women from cheating, swinger sex, the ins and outs of happy endings plus a whole lot more.

You can hear comedian Robert Kelly on his own podcast YKWD as well as see him on the FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and as Louis Ck's brother on the FX hit series Louie. Check his website to find out where you catch him doing his comedy live.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_103-Comedian_Robert_Kelly_on_Why_Women_Cheat.mp3
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Sara went on to craigslist looking for some meaningless sex and came across well hung William's (episode 99) ad.  Will was looking for a woman who could accommodate him anally and Sara was not only able to, she also was able to take it vaginally and she loved every minute of it. Why does Sara use craigslist to find men? What went down the first time she fooled around with William? Is Sara a true size queen or was this her first experience with a man of his size?  Tune in to find out, plus hear a whole lot more.




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If you're currently married and in the closet, this is the podcast for you. Tune in to find out how Owen had the courage to let everyone in his life, including his wife, know that he was gay. How did he know he was gay? How did he get up the courage to let his wife know?  What happened to his marriage after he told her?  And how is he doing now? Tune in to find out plus find out a whole lot more.

Darien is eighteen years old and kind of shy and so he has a hard time dating girls. He's definitely looking for a long term relationship but he can't seem to get a girl to go out with him more than once.  Where should he take girls out on dates? What should he do and not do when he's out with them? How can he tell if they even likes him? Tune in to find out, plus get info on why girls act the way that they do, what they're really looking for in a guy and a whole lot more.

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William calls in because he's ready to settle down but he can't find a woman who can handle his overly large cock.  His size has been a big problem for him his whole life and he remains to this day completely unsatisfied both sexually and emotionally. How big is his dick? How does it effect his love/sex life? Has any women been able to have vaginal or anal sex with him? Will he ever find someone ho will? Tune in to find out as well as hear a whole lot more.


Remember Melissa from Brazil from episode 63 & 76? She was the young, hot girl who was having great sex with a totally unavailable weirdo in the hopes that it would one day lead to something more. Did it ever turn into a real relationship? Of course not but i she recently meet a new guy and she calls in to talk all about it. How did she finally manage to end things with the unavailable guy? How did she wind up meeting the new guy? Are things going well or is he another total weirdo too?  Tune in to find out and hear a whole lot more.

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Kelly is a transgender female who is very self conscious about how she looks as a female. She was always really popular and good looking as a guy but she hasn't masted that as a female and it's definitely something that really bothers her. What can she do to look better as a female? Is that really her only issue? Tune in to find out.

Betty Boop calls in because she's looking to set herself up with a sugar daddy who would pay her monthly bills in exchange for blowjobs, threesomes, companionships and more.  The problem is she she doesn't know where to go to find a guy who would be into it in the first place. Where can she go to meet a guy interested in this type of arrangement? What does she want to do with him once she meets him? How far is she willing to go with him sexually in exchange for cash?  Is she a "whore" if she actually goes through with it? Tune in to find out as well as hear all about her friends ongoing sugar daddy situation with her boss.

Cirque finally got his long term girlfriend to agree to  swing with him but their first swinger experience couldn't have gone worse.  What exactly went down that night and why did it turn out so badly? As Louis Ck once said, "guys fuck things up; girls are fucked up," and that quote basically sums up the whole scenario. How did he fuck things up? What did she do that was so fucked up? Are they still even together? Tune in for all the details as well as learn what not to do when swinging for the first time.

Charles is sixty three years old and he has been seeking the companionship of prositutes for the past couple of years and it's definitely changed his life for the better. He explains everything from how to find the girls, what they will and won't do, what exactly goes down with them as well as how using them has helped his sexuality and preferences to evolve and grow. He also gets into snowballing, mail order brides and what to do and what not to do when creating an online dating profile at his age. Tune in for all the details.



Ken has been cheating on his wife for the past couple of years with both men and women. He's been with almost 400 people and has fulfilled every fetish he's had so far including; giving nude hot oil massages to women; wearing and stealing women panties; giving and receiving oral sex with men through glory holes; sex with couples in adult theatres; photographing and having sex with random women plus a whole lot more. He explains how he got into all of it and gives details of many of his sexual encounters. Why does he cheat on his wife? Does anyone know about his secret encounters? Is he a sex addict? Tune in to find out.

Just when you thought there were no real women looking for meaningless sex online, think again. Molly calls in and talks about all men and women she has hooked up with while on, as well as She explains what she looks for in an ad and what men say in their emails that either turn her on or off, what kind of sexual etishes she’s gotten into since she’s been on those sites as well as the details about her numerous hookups plus a whole lot more.  



Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_092-Molly_Hooks_up_with_Random_Men_and_Women_Online.mp3
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Adam is openly bisexual and involved in an open relationship and he calls in to explain how it all works for him. Adam lost his virginity with a guy when he was very young and has spent his adult life in open relationships with women who are not only accepting of his bisexual side but are also very into it. He has been having sex with with men openly while maintaining healthy, long lasting relationships with women and he explains how he makes it all work. He talks about blow jobs and anal and threesomes and more.  Tune in to hear the detials about his interesting past as well as  hear about how perimenopause is affecting his sex life with his current girlfriend and how they're coping. 

Jessica was born as guy but has been dressing up as a woman and hooking up with guys behind his familys back for the past 14 years.  Jessica calls in and explains what it's really like to be living a secret life as a transgender female. She explains how and when she first realized that "he" was really a "she", what it felt like the first time she dressed up and went out as Jessica, how she picks up guys and what she does wiht them sexually and a whole lot more. If you've been following the Caitlyn Jenner story, then this episode is right up your alley. 

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_090-Jessica_is_Secretly_Trangender.mp3
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Anthony Cumia super-fan Vincent is overweight, addicted to porn, has no job, lives at home with Mom, and he hasn't gotten laid in almost two years. He's on disability and claims he's can't work but it seems like maybe he's just stuck in a really bad rut.  Is he a loser or is he just lazy? How did he wind up like this at only 31?  Tune in to hear the whole story plus a whole lot more.

Jim's unfair custody battle with his baby Mama has left him pretty depressed and he calls in looking for support. He experienced a pretty tough childhood, has a history of depression and has one attempted suicide under his belt.  Why did he try to commit suicide? How did he recover from that attempt? What's going on with his ongoing custody battle? Tune in to find out plus hear a whole lot more.

Marc is totally straight but he loves getting screwed in the ass by a woman while he screws another woman. He has experienced being the "meat in the sandwich" in this kind of threesome before and he calls in and explains how it all went down, exactly what happened and why he, as a straight guy, enjoys anal action.  Tune on for all the details.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_87-Marc_is_Looking_for_Anal_Action_from_a_Female.mp3
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Dr. Guy is almost 50 and he parties everynight and is invloved in a racket which gives him access to endless young, "models." Is he having the time of his life chasing young tail or is he in the midst of a total mid life crisis. Take a listen and you decide for yourself.

Strike Out Mike has been striking out on AFF for years but he calls in to discuss about what he actually gets out of the site and why he keeps using it. He also talks about his past relationship, his Tinder hook ups, dirty sex within relationships, jizzing on girls faces, his experiences at multilpe swingers clubs, condom usage and more. Tune in for the details.



Thirty one year old Don has a thing for older women and when I say older, I mean women in their sixties.  He's had women in that age range already and now he's looking to meet older woman at church.  He wants to fullfill that specific fantasy and he calls in to explain it. 

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_084-Don_has_a_Fetish_for_Very_Old_Women.mp3
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007 (episode 8) calls in again because he recently found a girlfriend and they're about to have their first threesome. He explains how he got her into it, how many times he's done it before, what the rules are that he has to abide by, as well as a whole lot more. Tune on to find out what to do and what not to do during a threesome plus get some tips on squirting.

Cookie calls in to come clean about the secret, abusive realtionship she's been trapped in for the past 4 years. How does a strong woman get herself involved in such a terrible situation? Will she be able to get out? How has she been able to keep their relationhsip a secret? Tune in to find out.

Former guest Cirque (ep. 78) calls in to explain why he thinks he is, the way that he is. He gets into his fucked up, "murderous" past as well as explain what went down after he let his girlfriend listen to his last appearance on the show. Why did he let his girlfriend lsiten to the show? Was she pissed after she listened to the show?  What was it like to have a murderer in his family? Has he ever been in jail himself? Tune in to find out as well as find out a whole lot more.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_081-Cirque_and_his_Fucked_Up_Past.mp3
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Ray K calls in again and shares his most recent experiences with some really hot, high end escorts. He also explains why he started using them, where he goes to find them and how much he actually pays for them. Tune in for the new stories as well as all the back story.

Gary is married but he has a profile on an adult website that he uses strictly for virtual sex. He never meets up with women in person but lately he's been wondering if his online "interest" is turning into an addiction. Where does he go online to meet these women? What does he do with them when he's online? Is he actually addicted to getting women off via webcam?  Tune in to find out.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_79-Gary_is_Very_into_Virtual_Sex.mp3
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Cirque is very experienced and calls in and shares one interesting sex story after another. From cuckolding his best friend, to buying panties from married women on Craigslist, to sex with fat girls, crippled chicks, guys and more, he tells all.  Tune in to be totally entertained.




Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_078-Cirque_and_his_Endless_Entertaining_Sex_Stories.mp3
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RM has been involved in "the Lifestyle" for as long as he can remember and he has had a ton of experiences in both Europe and America. He calls in to talk about his sexual experiences as well as discuss the differences him and his wife encountered while swinging in both countries. How did he get into the Lifestyle. Does he find Europeans more sexually open than Americans? Does he still swing now? Tune in to find out . 

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_077-RM_has_Been_a_Swinger_in_the_US_and_in_Europe.mp3
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"Melissa" from Brazil (episode 63) is still addicted to the same guy and she calls in looking for some more advice. Is she still sleeping with him? Has he opened up to her? Are they in a real relationship yet? Tune in to find out.

Sixty year old Walker has been married for 30 years but that has noever stopped him from having sex with other people.  Walker has hooked up with women and trannies as well as has had virtual sex with other men on to satiate the exhibitionist and voyuer inside of him.  He explains how he does it, why he does and what he gets out of it. Tune in for all the juicy details.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_075-Walker_the_Exhibitionist_Leads_a_Double_Life.mp3
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Paul is a 41 year old married guy who's addicted to prostitutes and his addiction is taking over his life. He can't concentrate while at work because he spends all of his time online looking for hookers, he rarely has sex wiht his wife and he's worried that his addiction is getting in the way of having a real connection wiht his children.  Will he be able to stop his addiction before it gets the best of him? Tune in to find out.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_074-Paul_is_Addicted_to_Prostitutes.mp3
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Bob lost his virginity to his 30 year old neighbor when he was very young and he's been getting it on with both men and women ever since.  He's done it all...He use to cheat on his ex-wife with men in massage parlors as well as with her female friends, he's had threesomes with other guys with a woman he dated for a couple of years and he's had affairs with random men he's met online behind his current girlfriends back. How has he kept his secret life hidden from all these women  Has he ever got caught? Where does he find the guys he fools around with? Tune in to find out.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_073-Bob_is_Bisexual.mp3
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Tom uses to find most of the women he hooks-up with. He travels a lot for work so he uses the site to find women and couples to have sex with while he's visiting other cities. He's been on for a couple of years and has had a bunch of really great experiences. Tune in to hear all about those experiences as well as all about his 3 year relationship with an older women who turned him on to the swinger lifestye.  

Regular caller John calls in and answers the questions everyone's been asking. Is he really telling the truth? Does his wife Stephanie really bang other guys? Are his stories really real? He comes clean and then he gives an update on what Stephaine's been up to since the last time he called in. She's back to banging other guys and now, instead of just watching, John is actually joining in. Tune in for all the details.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_071-Does_John27s_Wife_Really_Bang_other_Guys3F.mp3
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Jerry cant help but be attracted to crazy women.  His first ex-wife cheated on him, his second wife tried to kill him with an ax and every women he's dated since, seems to be totally nuts as well.  Is he attracted to crazy because he doesn't really want a rreal elationship, or because his mom was crazy, or is he attracted to crazy becasue he's crazy? Tune in to find out plus hear the details about all of his dysfuntional relationships.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_070-Jerry_is_Addicted_to_Crazy_Women.mp3
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Steve calls in to discuss his secret life of giving sensual massages to random strangers he meets online. From a bushy lesbian, to a hot, stay at home mom who wanted to learn how to squirt, to a 300+ lb woman who wanted to be fisted, to liscensed therapists who wanted to step outside their boundaries, Steve's massaged them all and many more.  Tune in to hear the details about those experiences as well as find out how he got started, how he finds women who want to be "massage", and how he keeps it all a  secret from his wife. 

Rainbow started having sex at a very early age and calls in to discuss her crazy sexual escapades. She talks about the a threesome she had with her first boyfriend and his stepbrother, her experience as a submissive in the BDSM world as well as the 3 year affair she had with a guy she met online while playing Warcraft.  How old was she when she started having sex? Did she ever try double pentration? How did her husband find out she was cheating? Was he able to ever trust her again? Tune in to find out the answers, plus a whole lot more.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_068-Rainbow_Talks_About_her_Crazy_Sexual_Escapades.mp3
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Craigslist Phil calls in to talk about his most recent trip to NYC. He talks about his first experience at a NYC swingers club as well the sexual experiences he had in his hotel room with two couples that he met on Craigslist.  Tune in to hear about the blowjob he got at the swing club, the toys he used with the biracial couple he hooked up with, the details of what happened when the second guy left the room and he was left alone with his girlfriend as well as the dynamics of his marraige and why he cheat on his wife.




Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_067-Craigslist_Phil_Swings_in_NYC.mp3
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Ken has been married for 25 years and throughout his marraige he has had multiple online "relationships" but has never really cheated in real life. How has he managed to keep his cheating virtual? Where does he find the women to webcam with and what do they send each other via email? Has his wife ever caught him? Tune in to hear the answers plus hear Kathy and Ken talk about addiction, cheating, marraige, how to write a book and a whole lot more. 


Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_066-Ken_is_a_Virtual_Cheater.mp3
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Sebastian is a really talented artist who refuses to "sell out". He sits down with Kathy and they discuss everything from why he refuses to "sell out" even though he's majorly talented, adoption, the lessons they've both learned from failure, Kathy's baby journey and a whole lot more. Tune in to hear the details.

Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_065-Sebastian_the_Artist_Shoots_the_Shit.mp3
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John and his wife Stephanie have been bringing home guys for her to sleep with for the past year but a lot has gone down in the past couple of months.  John calls in and explains who she's been sleeping with, who she's not sleeping with, what's gone down since the last time he's called in and everything in between. Is she still banging other guys? Tune in to find out.

Melissa from Brazil is having major issues with the guy she likes and she calls in looking for advice.  Her guy is unfortunately a total commitment phobe and he's been acting weird from the get go.  She's continued to sleep with him on and off for a couple of months hoping he will change but, he's still not interested in having a relationship.  It's a typical case of a girl who likes a guy, who is totally unavailable.  Tune in to hear advice on how to deal wiht this common situation and a lot more about dating guys in general.

Jeff's girlfriend admitted to him that being gangbanged was on her bucket list and so they've been attending swing clubs ever since.  They've had sex with other couples, she's gotten it on with other women and men but the gang bang still hasn't happened.  Why hasn't it happened yet? What has happened already? Listen in for all the details.

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Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_062-Jeffs_Girlfriends_Fantasy_is_to_be_Gangbanged.mp3
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Kevin met his much younger "girlfriend" on and they've been dating long distance for about 6 years. She recently sent him an email stating that she got deported to Nigeria and needs 30k to get out and he's actually wondering if he's being scammed?! Sound unbelievable? It does but for some reason, even though he hasn't actually seen her for over 2 years,  Kevin is still wondering if he should believe her. Tune in to hear how they met, how much money he's given her so far, what he gets out of it and a whole lot more. 


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Jake is 19 years old and he's still a virgin.  He signed up for AdultfriendFinder to find a chick that will just bang him but he hasn't the right situation just yet.  Why is he still a virgin at 19? What kind of action, if any, does he really get on the site? What's his history with chicks so far? Tune in to find out.

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Mike from Pennsylvania calls in to talk about his secret life of getting it on with other guys.  He started foling around with guys at work when he was just 15 years old and he's continued to fool around with guys throughout his adult life.  From blowjobs in bathrooms, to sex with his neighbors hisband, to blindfolded rendevous with random Craigslist guys, he's done it all. Tune in to hear the details.


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Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_059-Mike_from_Pennsylvania_is_Secretly_Bisexual.mp3
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James calls in looking for some basic sex advice.  He has questions about everything from how to get his ween in fully when doing it doggie style, to how position himself properly when doing it missionary style, to where is the best place is to pee on a woman, if she's into being peed on. Tune in to hear the answers to those questions as well as some tips about other things he can do to please women.

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Direct download: Strictly_Anonymous_058-James_has_a_Lot_of_Questions_About_S_e_x.mp3
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