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Merry Sparkeltits (episode #432) calls in again, this time to share some of her most memorable experiences. Tune in to hear her talk all about the very first experiences she had that made her realize she was into being a cuckquean, the first time she hooked up with a girl, the time she and another girl hooked up in a car in front of others, how her abusive relationship and the sex they had led to her being into bdsm, how and why she’s more of a sub, the time both she a her friend were tied up at a bdsm event and what went down, another time she was locked in a cage at an event and what went down, who’s she dating now and the cuckquean fantasies she has with him, all the kinks she’s into including choking, dirty talk, electro stimulation, tease and denial, feeling lesser than, using pervertables and a whole lot more.

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