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Julie was sleeping with a married man and he recently dumped he and she calls in to talk all about it. How did she meet him? Did she know he was married when they started hooking up? And, why did he dump her? Tune in for all the details which include why she decided to legally separate herself from the mormon religion and her mormon family, how and why her mom abandoned her, her fathers suicide and the circumstances surrounding it, how she was sexually repressed and how porn shaped her at a very early age, her first marriage to a narcissist who physically abused her and how she finally got up the strength to leave him and flee to Salt Lake City, how she found out that the married guy's wife had cheated on him, who she had cheated on him with and why she wound up in jail, the married guy's love bombing tactics and why she was so taken by them, how she can get over him and get on with her life and a whole lot more.


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