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Ty is into fisting, swinging, cuckolding and more and he calls in to talk all about it. How old was he when he first realized he was into fisting and when did he start fisting? When did he first start swinging and what did he do with the couples he hooked up with? What is it about being a cuck that turns him on? Tune in for all the details which include how he fisted girls and himself when he was younger and where and how it all went down, how he hooked up with guys in his teenage years and what did with them, how he started swinging and where he met couples to hook up with, his experience as a bull and why he craves being a cuckold, his experience s as a bottom, how he tried being poly and what he didn’t like about it, his other fetishes including hairy armpits and p**** and must smelling women, his burning man experiences that include group sex fisting and a 7 person orgy, his advice on how to navigate the lifestyle, what he recommends, what he’s looking for in his future and a whole lot more.


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