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Violet loves pegging her boyfriend and she calls in to talk all. about it. When did she start pegging her boyfriend? What does she like so much about it? And, how does he feel about it? Tune in  for all the details which include how she got her current boyfriend to agree to letting her peg him, how she felt when her boyfriend told her he had been with guys before and how she moved past it, her fantasy about pegging another woman and why she hasn't done it yet,  the strap ons she uses to peg and the positions she prefers, how pegging makes her feel super powerful,  her interest in a MMF threesome and how she wants that to go down, how her ex-boyfriend was into bdsm and why she never pegged him, how and why her relationship with her current boyfriend is the most successful and sexually satisfying relationship she's had and a whole lot more.


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