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Peter is a professional swinger and he calls in to talk all about it. How did he start swinging? Where did he start swinging? What does he do when he swings? Tune in for all the details which include how volunteering at BDSM club led him to his first swing club experience, where he found the first woman who accompanied him and what fantasy she lived out while there, the time he took five unicorns to a swingers club, his erection injection that went horribly wrong, the swinger party theme nights he enjoyed and the naughty games they played, his post ejaculation masturbation fantasy and how he lived it out with four other couples, how he used OK Cupid to find a like minded partner and what exactly they do together as swingers, how he's been very open about swinging with business associates and his son and how they reacted, how and why swinging has given him confidence in all areas of life and a whole lot more.

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