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Jennifer is a size queen who only dates guys with small d**** and she call in to talk all about it. Why does she only date guys with small d****? What is a good size for her? Why are all of her boyfriends overweight too? Tune in for all the details which include how her current boyfriend's weight is impacting their sex life and his penis size, tips on how he can lose weight and how losing weight will make his d*** bigger, how she's dying to try sex toys and why she hasn't tried them yet, his premature ejaculation problem and what she should do about it, how she wants him to be freakier in bed and all the kinky things she's dying to do including learning to squirt and a whole lot more.  

**Plus she called in with an update which is included at the end of the episode that includes the sex toy she purchased and how her guy felt about it, how she solved his PE problem (hint: Promescent delay spray!) and more. 


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