Strictly Anonymous

Joe had recurring wet dreams about hooking up with guys and then him and his girlfriend fulfilled them and he called in to talk all about it. When did his wet dreams start? How frequent were they? And what exactly was he doing with guys in the dreams?? Tune in for all the details which include how they became more anymore detailed, how the dreams made him so confused he saw a therapist, what his therapist thought was behind the dreams, how his girlfriend felt when he first told her, how and why they set up their first MMF threesome and exactly what happened, how she set up a fivesome between them and three other guys, how two of those guys were her friends from high school and how she slept with them too, how he felt about seeing her with the other guys in front of him, why she shut the whole thing down, how he continued to see one of the guys behind her back, why he hasn't told her about it, how he feels about his sexuality now that he's been with guys and a whole lot more.

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