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Dian Hanson, the original queen of s-e-x (and pantyhose!) called in to talk about everything. Tune in for all the details which include why she joined a cuddle website and what she did with the guys she met online, how she's met her current 23 year old boyfriend and how she feels about their age difference, how she's still into sex and why that's important to her, how her first husband was a transvestite and why their marriage ended,  how she started at Leg Show magazine, why it wasn't doing well and how she turned it all around,  how the reader's letters totally  inspired and guided her, how and why she got the photographers to start taking pics of pantyhose, why she hid her face in the pics of her, how she knew her readers were masturbators and how she was happy to help them masturbate, her interest in fetishes as a young woman and how that helped her in her career, how and why she left Leg Show, how she wound up at TASCHEN books, how she became successful there as the Sexy Book editor, PLUS how to contact her if you want to drop her a note.


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