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Justin is into milfs and gilfs and he calls in to talk all about it. Where does he find the milfs and gilfs? Why does he prefer hooking up with them over women his own age? What's the oldest gilf he's ever been with? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how his pantyhose fetish led him to hiring escorts which led him to the milfs and gifs, what exactly he liked to do with the escorts he hired, why he was a virgin for so long and how he accidentally lost his virginity to a gilf while getting a massage with a happy ending, why he prefers older women and what he finds difficult about dating women his own age, how he joined HINGE and the much older woman he met on there who he still has sex with today, when he realized he had a pantyhose fetish and what he likes to do in regards to his fetish, how he wants a relationship now with someone his own age but what' s stopping him and what he should do to meet a new girl his own age plus a whole lot more

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