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Chad is a bisexual cuck with a micro penis and he calls in to talk all about it. What is a micro penis? How big is it when it's soft and when it's hard? When did he realize he was into being a cuckold? Tune on for all the details which include how women have reacted to his micro penis and how he feels about it, when he first realized he was bi and the first guy he fooled around with when he was younger,  how he would find well hung guys for his long term girlfriend and what they would do with them, the one steady bull they had and when he started hooking up with him too, how exactly she would humiliate him and how it turned him on, how she was bisexual too and her one experience with a female, the ground rules they had for cuckolding and the one she didn't follow that made them break up, his panty fetish and how he got caught stealing them multiple times and how the people reacted, how new women he's dating react to his fetishes, his ongoing therapy and how that has helped him kick an alcohol and prescription drug problem and a whole lot more.

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