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Jd is a 23 year old bisexual who is in a poly relationship with a sixty year old couple. What How did he realize he was poly and how did he go about finding the couple? What is their marriage like and why did they get involved with him? Who hooks up with who and what exactly goes down between them? Tune in for all the details which include why he chose them even though they were so much older, their first meeting which ended up in a threesome at a movie theater, his bisexual past, the gay husband and how he brings in male escorts for them to enjoy, the most number of people they have had sex with at one time, how the wife enjoys watching gay sex,  how she was gang raped when she was younger and how that affects her sex life now, how the public reacts when they all go out together, how the couples kids feel about the relationship, why they had to move out of town and how he's dealing with them being far away plus a whole lot more. **Also, was he jerking off while talking to me?? Stay tuned to hear me call him out...and then let me know what you think in the comment section below.

#poly #bisexual #threesome

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