Strictly Anonymous

Dr. Joe Kort believes straight men can have gay sex and still be straight and he calls in to talk all about it.  Why aren't guys who fools around with other guys gay or bi? What's the difference between sexual orientation and erotic orientation? And how does it pertain to this scenario? Tune in to find out plus hear him talk about how whether you're born with your fetish and kinks or are they a part of your sexual orientation, trauma re-enactment and how our childhood can change your erotic narrative, cross-dressing and gender play, toxic masculinity, how the acts that turn you on don't have to be labeled, how unique everyone's erotic footprint is, the younger generation and identity politics, why he doesn't believe in sexual addiction and how he deals with it in his practice, how his video went viral in TikTok, his relationship history and how he identifies himself and a whole lot more. 

#heterosexual #bisexual #gay 

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