Strictly Anonymous

Leo is into humiliation, foot worship, glory holes and a whole lot more and he calls in to talk all about it. Who does he live out his kinks with? How far does he take them? And what other kinks is he into? Tune in for all the details which include his foot fetish and how he likes to worship others, the mistesses, hookers, dominatrixes and shemales he has hired and what he does with them, how he loves being punished  and kicked in the balls and how and why that turns him on, what exactly goes down at the humiliation scenarios he sets up and how much he pays for them, how he blows guys but isn't into men, his interest in snowballing and creameries, how he wrangled two female co workers to join him at the gloryhole and what he had them do, the girls he's met on Snapchat and what he does with them, his fantasy to be with a couple where the guy is bi, his dating life and where it stands now plus a whole lot more.

**Stay tuned until the end, he gives out his email so you can get in touch with him**


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