Strictly Anonymous

Victoria enjoys multiple sex partners and incest fantasies with her boyfriend and she calls in to talk all about it. How did she meet her boyfriend? How did they decide to keep their relationship open? How have they been so successful at having an open relationship? Tune in for all the details which include the threesome she had that led to her meeting Dr. Guy (episode #392), the first threesome she had as a young teen and how that led to her being ostracized in her losing all her friends, her first experience with a woman, how and why she prefers variety when it comes to her sexual partners, her first long term relationship and how she had to live a lie to remain in it, jealousy in her current open relationship and how they deal with it, the time she fucked a father and his son, the time she fucked two brothers and exactly what went down, how she was sexually attracted to both her uncle and cousin, how she wants to fuck her boyfriends brother, the incest fantasies she likes to play out with her boyfriend, what she hasn't done yet sexually that she wants to do, the most amount of guys she's fucked in a day, why started a bikini line and a whole lot more. 

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