Strictly Anonymous

Dr. Guy and his girlfriend have threesomes, foursomes, orgies and more and he calls in to talk all about it. Where do they meet the people they swing with? Do they prefer couples or singles? What exactly goes down at their hook ups? Tune in for all the details which include how and why transforming himself helped him attract his perfect match, their rules they have while swinging, how they go about picking people up while out and about, the two squirting college girls they f****** in Miami and what went down with them, the all male orgy his girlfriend had that included brothers, her incest fantasies and how they've played them out with women, how she wanted to f*** his brother and whether it ever happened, their famous porn star friend and what they do with her, how far he's gone with guys , the issues and insecurities that have come up for them when swinging and how they resolved them and a whole lot more.

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