Strictly Anonymous

Hypersexual Vicky and her boyfriend want to cuckold but he can't pull the trigger and she's totally frustrated. When did they decide to try cuckolding? How and why does he chicken out? What can she do to get him to try it with her? Tune in for all the details which include how he's cuckolded in the past and how he felt about it, how horny she is for the scenario and how frustrated she is that he keeps backing out, how he turned her into a dom when she use to be a sub, the time they went to a swing club and had sex in front of everyone, the time she caught him texting with a girl they were suppose to have a threesome with and how he explained himself, all the swinging she's done in the past, her open relationship with her ex, her lesbian relationship, the threesomes she's had with women, her intense curiosity and openness about sex and all the sex classes she's taken and a whole lot more.

#cuckold #threesome #sex

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