Strictly Anonymous

Craig is a true cuckold and he married the ultimate hotwife. When did he first realize he was into being a cuck? How did he get his wife interested in having sex with other guys? How did she get her friend involved and how did they work it so he could listen in? Tune in for all the details which include how his first girlfriend dumped him for the school bully and how seeing them together and being mocked by others turned him on, how he got his next girlfriend to to flirt at work and eventually have sex with her boss and tell him about it, the hot stories his second wife told him and how those stories led to more, how her friend got involved and how they would hook with guys together, the famous UK athlete and his personal trainer they had sex with, why they started using a cockcage and how her friend knew about it, how long it all lasted, how and why it all eventually ended as well as where they're at and a whole lot more. 

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