Strictly Anonymous

Chloe Harper calls in to talk all about how she went from being a mom to a cam girl to an escort and more. Why did she suddenly start acting out sexually and how did her husband feel about it? Did the people in the town find out and what happened to her marriage? What eventually led her to escorting and is she still escorting now? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how her being bipolar as well as being diagnosed worth multiple personalities plays into all this, how she would do naughty cams in public and why that turned her on, her flight attendant days and the male and female pilots she slept with, her stint on seekingarrangment.comand who she met on there, all the powerful men she slept with including a racer driver and a CEO, how and why she's always so horny and what she does about it,  her recent relationship with a woman and why that ended and a whole lot more. 

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