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Dawn is an escort and she calls in to talk all about it. How did she start escorting? Why did she start escorting? How long has she been doing it and does she enjoy it? Tune in to find out plus, hear all about why she couldn't be a "sugar baby" or a stripper and prefers escorting, how a lot of people took advantage of her early on, the messed up stuff she was asked to do on "auditions" and why she did them, the two times she got arrested and how the police treated her, what she does and doesn't do with clients, how much she charges, how and why she prefers being in a "situationship" as oppose to a relationship, how she recently joined OnlyFans and what she offers on there and a whole lot more. 

**Make sure to listen to the end for all her contact info**

#escort #escorting #prostitute 

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