Strictly Anonymous

Steve's wife and her friend have had daily gangbangs with black guys for the past 8 years and he calls in to talk all about it. How did it all start and who's idea was it? Where do the gangbangs take place and who arranges them? How many guys do they have each sex with and is it the same amount every time? Tune in to find out and hear all the about the "hill" and how they get there, how he not only watches them both get gang banged but willingly "cleans up" after each load, how he felt about cleaning up after being forced to the first time and how he feels about it now, how he lost his ability to have sex and how the gang bangs saved his marriage, how many interracial children the women have had and how Steve adopted them all, how they all now live together now and how that came to be plus a whole lot more.


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