Strictly Anonymous

Zach calls in to talk all about how he's married but he's cheating on his wife with tons of girls he meets on Tinder. How does he get girls on Tinder? How long does he "date" them? Does he tell them he's married? Tune in to find out plus hear all about when he started cheating on his wife, who he started cheating on her with, how she found out he's totally into tranny porn, how she reacted, and a whole lot more.  




Sean calls in because he wants advice on how to stop cheating on his wife with cross dressers. When did he first realize he was into cross dressers and when did he first start hooking up with them? How many times has he cheated on his wife? Why does he want to stop now? And, what can he do to stop cheating? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he recently came out as bisexual and how his wife reacted, how she reacted when he then asked her if she’d be open to having sex with other guys while he watched, his most recent, secret hook up with a dominatrix and how that experience made him realize he is totally into bdsm and a whole lot more.




Jay calls in to discuss all the crazy things he does behind his wife's back and they all point to the fact that he is a total sex addict. He talks about how he screws prostitutes, his hardcore porn addiction, his expertise with catfishing, his recent unrequited love for a stripper, how and why he meets guys online as well as in person and a whole lot more. Tune in for the details plus find out what it is about his behavior that all makes him a sex addict and what he can do about it.

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Monica calls in to talk all about her online affair with a guy she met on a kink website. How did they meet? What do they do together? How did he get her to try all new kinks? Tune in for all the details which include their experimenting with autoerotic asphyxiation, anal play, spanking, bdsm, and more as well as find out how and why she made her own dildos, how she figured out how to squirt, how she became multi-orgasmic, and pansexual and polyamorous and hooked up with a girl all while remaining a virgin!