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Sex therapist Lacey Broussard calls in to talk all about how women can increase their sex drive, enjoy sex more and have better orgasms. Plus she discusses how she went from being sexually repressed to sexually liberated. How and why was she repressed and how did she liberate herself? How and why did she become a sex therapist? How and why can women remove their blocks and have better sex? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what she enjoys sexually now that she is totally open, how she learned to squirt, tantric sex and a whole lot more.

April calls in the talk all about how much she loves pegging her guy. When and how did she first realize she was into pegging? How does it make her feel? How did she get her guy into it? Does he like to be pegged? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how she caught her guy cheating, how that led to them full on pegging, how she caught him cheating a second time, plus a whole lot more.

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Nate calls in to talk about his major foot fetish as well as his bisexuality. When did he discover he was into feet? What kind of feet turn him on? When did he realize he was bisexual? How far did his "experimenting" go with his male friend when he was younger? How far will he go with a guy in return for some foot action?  Tune in to find out plus hear all about the flirtation between him and his stepsister and how far they took it and how he can go about asking his wife, who already pegs him and knows he's bi, to allow him to hookup with men on the side.

Gangbang Christine (episode 276 & 277) calls in again with an update and reveals her and her husband are splitting up. How and why is her marriage ending? Is she still dating the well hung guy she met at the ganging? Is he the reason her marriage broke up? How is her husband dealing with the end? Tune in for the details plus hear all about the real issues they were dealing with prior to opening up their relationship, how those issues led them to him allowing her to gangbang and whole lot more.

Jane is a bored housewife who wants to start hooking up with other guys on the side and her husband is totally okay with it. But, she hasn't pulled the trigger yet. How and when did she tell her husband she wanted to be with other guys? How does he feel about it? Is it better for her to hook up solo with the other guys or should she hook up with them in front of her husband in a threesome scenario? Tune in to find out plus hear all about why she feels she bored in her marriage, what else is she missing, what she can do about it and a whole lot more.