Strictly Anonymous

Jim is into hardcore tease and denial and he calls in to talk all about it. When did he fist discover tease and denial? How did he go about practicing it on himself? What are the benefits he experienced since discovering it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how denying and delaying his orgasms has made sex way more pleasurable, the specific tactics he used at a very early age to deny himself an orgasm, his experience with chastity devices, how it's played into his sex life with his wife and his other lovers, how you can use it to give better blowjobs and to stop yourself from prematurely ejaculating and a whole lot more. 

Fred recently came out as bisexual to his wife and she was totally okay with it, but he still has a secret he's not sharing with her. What exactly is he doing behind her back? Why hasn't he told her? Does he ever plan on telling her? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he came out as bisexual to his wife, why she wasn't surprised that he was attracted to men, how he got her into pegging him and a whole lot more.

**For a link to what's he's secretly been up to, tune in to the end of the podcast.

Daisy (episode #299) calls in again to explain the details of her last dysfunctional relationship but winds up talking more about the major issues she’s having with the guy she’s “dating” now.  What happened when they last saw each other? Why hasn’t she heard from him? Is she totally being ghosted? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what kind of "relationship" they had before he disappeared, why they never had sex and whether he was lying about being monogamous, her lack of passion for relationships in general and how that could have caused him to stray plus a whole lot more about the ending of her last relationship.

**If you want to hook up/date Daisy email her at



Lauren is living a very secret life as a young crossdresser who is is addicted to BBC (big black cock). How long has he been crossdressing? Why and how does he keep his crossdressing life a secret? When did he first start hooking up with guys and where does he meet them? Tune in for the details plus hear all about the first guy he met while crossdressing and how that relationship helped him, his many sugar daddies and how much he has made from them, the cop he recently started hooking up with and the guy who peed inside him, how he's been dating his girlfriend of three years and how he feels about her and a whole lot more.

*If you'd like to contact Lauren, please email

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