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Lawrence calls in to talk about his sexual addiction and how it has negatively effected his long term relationships. Why does he lose his sexual attraction to the woman he's dating? Why is he way more turned on when he's cheating? Has he ever been caught? Tune in to find out plus hear about all the escorts he slept with, the love triangle that he recently has, what his therapist has told him to do about his sex addiction and a whole lot more.



Nicole's (episode #256) boyfriend Brett calls in to discuss their highly sexual, long distance relationship. What are his biggest turn ons and how did he get her into them? How do they keep things super hot even when they're not with each other? When did he realize he was into guys and what does he think his type of guy is? Tune on to find out plus hear all about the exhibitionist sex they had while on vacation, which includes sex on a cliff and sex in a tree, how he's a pleaser and once gave Nicole 35 orgasms in one day and a whole lot more



Eddie calls in to talk all about his secret life as a cross dresser. How did he go from a pantyhose fetish to full on cross dressing? How did he learn how to look good while dressed as a woman? When did he start hooking up with other cross dressers and what does he like to do with them? Tune in for all the details which include the threesome he had during his first encounter, details about a couple of his other hot hook ups, how he feels about dating women and what does he like to do with them and a whole lot more.

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