Strictly Anonymous

Ken has been cheating on his wife for the past couple of years with both men and women. He's been with almost 400 people and has fulfilled every fetish he's had so far including; giving nude hot oil massages to women; wearing and stealing women panties; giving and receiving oral sex with men through glory holes; sex with couples in adult theatres; photographing and having sex with random women plus a whole lot more. He explains how he got into all of it and gives details of many of his sexual encounters. Why does he cheat on his wife? Does anyone know about his secret encounters? Is he a sex addict? Tune in to find out.

Just when you thought there were no real women looking for meaningless sex online, think again. Molly calls in and talks about all men and women she has hooked up with while on, as well as She explains what she looks for in an ad and what men say in their emails that either turn her on or off, what kind of sexual etishes she’s gotten into since she’s been on those sites as well as the details about her numerous hookups plus a whole lot more.  



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Adam is openly bisexual and involved in an open relationship and he calls in to explain how it all works for him. Adam lost his virginity with a guy when he was very young and has spent his adult life in open relationships with women who are not only accepting of his bisexual side but are also very into it. He has been having sex with with men openly while maintaining healthy, long lasting relationships with women and he explains how he makes it all work. He talks about blow jobs and anal and threesomes and more.  Tune in to hear the detials about his interesting past as well as  hear about how perimenopause is affecting his sex life with his current girlfriend and how they're coping. 

Jessica was born as guy but has been dressing up as a woman and hooking up with guys behind his familys back for the past 14 years.  Jessica calls in and explains what it's really like to be living a secret life as a transgender female. She explains how and when she first realized that "he" was really a "she", what it felt like the first time she dressed up and went out as Jessica, how she picks up guys and what she does wiht them sexually and a whole lot more. If you've been following the Caitlyn Jenner story, then this episode is right up your alley. 

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