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Thirty one year old Don has a thing for older women and when I say older, I mean women in their sixties.  He's had women in that age range already and now he's looking to meet older woman at church.  He wants to fullfill that specific fantasy and he calls in to explain it. 

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007 (episode 8) calls in again because he recently found a girlfriend and they're about to have their first threesome. He explains how he got her into it, how many times he's done it before, what the rules are that he has to abide by, as well as a whole lot more. Tune on to find out what to do and what not to do during a threesome plus get some tips on squirting.

Cookie calls in to come clean about the secret, abusive realtionship she's been trapped in for the past 4 years. How does a strong woman get herself involved in such a terrible situation? Will she be able to get out? How has she been able to keep their relationhsip a secret? Tune in to find out.

Former guest Cirque (ep. 78) calls in to explain why he thinks he is, the way that he is. He gets into his fucked up, "murderous" past as well as explain what went down after he let his girlfriend listen to his last appearance on the show. Why did he let his girlfriend lsiten to the show? Was she pissed after she listened to the show?  What was it like to have a murderer in his family? Has he ever been in jail himself? Tune in to find out as well as find out a whole lot more.

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