Strictly Anonymous

Regular caller John calls in and answers the questions everyone's been asking. Is he really telling the truth? Does his wife Stephanie really bang other guys? Are his stories really real? He comes clean and then he gives an update on what Stephaine's been up to since the last time he called in. She's back to banging other guys and now, instead of just watching, John is actually joining in. Tune in for all the details.

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Jerry cant help but be attracted to crazy women.  His first ex-wife cheated on him, his second wife tried to kill him with an ax and every women he's dated since, seems to be totally nuts as well.  Is he attracted to crazy because he doesn't really want a rreal elationship, or because his mom was crazy, or is he attracted to crazy becasue he's crazy? Tune in to find out plus hear the details about all of his dysfuntional relationships.

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Steve calls in to discuss his secret life of giving sensual massages to random strangers he meets online. From a bushy lesbian, to a hot, stay at home mom who wanted to learn how to squirt, to a 300+ lb woman who wanted to be fisted, to liscensed therapists who wanted to step outside their boundaries, Steve's massaged them all and many more.  Tune in to hear the details about those experiences as well as find out how he got started, how he finds women who want to be "massage", and how he keeps it all a  secret from his wife. 

Rainbow started having sex at a very early age and calls in to discuss her crazy sexual escapades. She talks about the a threesome she had with her first boyfriend and his stepbrother, her experience as a submissive in the BDSM world as well as the 3 year affair she had with a guy she met online while playing Warcraft.  How old was she when she started having sex? Did she ever try double pentration? How did her husband find out she was cheating? Was he able to ever trust her again? Tune in to find out the answers, plus a whole lot more.

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