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Lola Jean, the world record holder for volume squirting, calls in to talk about sex, kink and squirting. How did she learn to squirt? How much can she squirt? And, how did she turn her talent for squirting into a world record? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how she overcame a lot of obstacles when she was younger and how they propelled her to become Lola Jean, the two sexual revolutions she had and what she learned from them, the adult events she hosts and what goes down at them, the kinks she's been into and what she's liked and disliked about them, her brief stint in the poly lifestyle and why that wasn't for her, the trouble she had as a unicorn and they type of people she prefers to play with now, her beef with monogamy and how she opened up her current relationship, her advice to people who want to play with others, and a whole lot more.

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