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Dillon is into diapers, pee play, panties and more and he calls in to talk all about it. When did he realize he was into wearing diapers? Why is he into wearing them? And, Does he wear them all the time?  Tune in for all the details which include how his parents divorce ties into his fetish, how he tricked his mom into letting him wear them as he got older, how he got caught by his mom and how she reacted, how his dad found diaper porn on his computer and how he reacted, how he went to therapy and why it didn't help him,  how his wife reacted when he first told her and how they've dealt with it in their marriage, how he told her about his pee play and panty fetish and all the kinky things they've done together including going panty shopping together, her peeing on him, "desperation wettings" and more, how he cheated on his wife with another "diaper lover" and what exactly went on between them, how he wears diapers while working and why his job is perfect for a guy with his fetishes, plus a whole lot more.

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