Strictly Anonymous

Jake and his wife were full swapping with their best friends and now he’s banging them behind her back. How did they start swapping? What exactly went down when they swapped? How did he start hooking up with them solo and why hasn’t he told his wife? Tune in for all the juicy details which include the jealousy that took place after the first swap and how they got past it, the time they swapped with his co-worker and how that made him realize he was a cuckold, when he realized he was bisexual and how his wife felt about it when he told her, how and when he started having sex on the down low with his best friend’s wife, the sexual things they did together that his wife wasn't into including her fulfilling his pantyhose fetish, how his best friend eventually became involved and what exactly went down with the three of them, the time they did a train in the shower and where his wife was when it went down, when and if he's ever going to tell his wife and a whole lot more.

#bisexual #cuckold #threesome
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