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Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, calls in to talk all about how men can fix the orgasm gap by keeping their d*** harder for longer. Why is there an orgasm gap between men and women? How long is the gap? And, how exactly can it be fixed? Tune in to find out plus hear all about best kind foreplay and how it can make you better in bed, the barriers to better orgasms and how to overcome them, how premature ejaculation goes back to cave men, the consequences of suppressing your sexual urges, the effects porn has on "performance,"  his sexual experience as a teenager with a much older woman and how his parents felt about it, how his son once found his sybian, how he feels about owning a "sex" company, why he's never been married, life as a single dad, how he overcame adversity and became uber successful, the crazy circumstances (which involve murder!) that led to him to taking over Promescent as well as info on all the amazing products Promescent offers including the famous, clinically proven Delay Spray, the women's warming gel, the new VitaFLUX supplement and a whole lot more.

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