Strictly Anonymous
Mich has been fooling around with guys since he was super young and he calls in to talk all about it. Exactly how old was he when he first hooked up with another guy, who was the guy and what did they do? How many other guys did he hook up with before he met his first wife? And, how honest has he been about his interest in guys with the women in his life? Tune in for all the details which include, how he use to "fool around" with his brother, how his best friend taught him how to masturbate and how they masturbated together, the pedophile in his town and how he turned him down, how his female cousins tried to have sex with him and his other male cousin and why he turned them down,  his first wife’s love of anal and how they used dildos together, all with guys he hooked up with behind her back, his experiences with glory holes in adult bookstores, the guys he met for threesomes  with his girlfriend after his divorce, how he met his now wife, who is a size queen and what she's into, the threesomes they have had, what he’s thinking he’s going to do with her in the future, including orgies and cuckolding and a whole lot more.