Strictly Anonymous

Brad broke quarantine and hooked up with a transgender female and he calls in to talk all about that as well as his open relationship with his bisexual girlfriend and a lot of other alternative experiences he's had over the years. What exactly went down during his recent quarantine rendezvous? When did he first start hooking up with trannys and where did he go to meet them? Where does he meet them now and what does he like to do with them when they meet up? Does his girlfriend know and how does she feel about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about why he's a top and why he doesn't enjoy being a bottom, when he first found out his girlfriend was bisexual and wanted to hook up with other girls, the threesome they had with his friends with benefits, the swingers party in NYC he attends and how you can attend it too plus a whole lot more.

Bonus: at the end of the show he also recommends two sex toys for guys who are quarantined alone. Here are a couple affiliate links so you can try them out as well:



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