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Shelly has been involved with a guy for about a year and she calls him her non boyfriend because even though they basically do everything together (except f***), he constantly tells her he's not ready for a relationship. Will he be ready to date her anytime soon? Or, is he a total commitment phobe who will never commit? Or, is he actually secretly dating someone else? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the crazy sexual escapades she has with her booty call guy, which includes banging his friend in a car while he watched, and a whole lot more.


Kevin has been married for a couple of years and he's been cheating on his wife the whole time. Is he cheating because he's a sex addict? Or is he cheating because he's in a relationship with a woman who he isn't sexually compatible with? Tune in and decide for yourself after you hear all about his troubled sex life with his wife, the fetishes he's into which includes pantyhose, the escorts he sleeps with, his secret Facebook accounts and how he uses them to cheat a whole lot more. 

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Divorced Steve now considers himself heteroflexible and is sleeping with a stripper, hooking up with guys and dealing with a transgender daughter who is in the process of transitioning. When did he first realize he was heteroflexible?  What exactly went down during his first ever bisexual hook up? What emotions did he go through when he found out his daughter was transgender? Tune in for all the details plus hear all about what went wrong with his first two marriages, what he thinks is the difference between bisexual and heteroflexible and a whole lot more.
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Brittany is married but she's super slutty. She hooks up with both men and women and her husband's not only into it, he encourages it. When did she start hooking up with other girls? When did she start hooking up with other guys? Does he husband join in? Tune in to find out plus hear the details of her naughty hook ups which include sex in a car with a married guy, sex in a car with a married woman, wife swapping, double penetration and a whole lot more. 

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